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Damp Housing – the Tenant verses the Council

Local newspapers are a never ending source of stories about damp housing.  Type those words into Google news and hardly a week goes by without a tenant complaining about the quality of their council housing via the local paper.  The stories are always very similar, tenant blames council, council blames tenant, paper shows photos of […]

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BBC reporting drying laundry is bad for your health – just as we reported on this blog!

On June 26th of this year I blogged that drying washing indoors is bad for your health (the article is here) because of the amount of moisture that it puts into the air and the knock on effect that the moisture has on people’s health. Today a report has been released by the Mackintosh School […]

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Meaco in the Press

Meaco was founded in 1991 and over the years we have featured in trade magazines and national newspapers (Guardian, Daily Mirror etc.).  We are also seen as a respected source of advice and as such have been quoted on the advice pages of the national newspapers and I regularly talk on conservation courses as a […]

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Mould and Condensation Issues in the Press Again

Came across this news story today in the online edition of the Skeness Standard and although I feel sorry for the lady concerned this is exactly the sort of issue that we get calls about time and time again each and every day throughout the winter months.  The problem is so familar, outside the weather […]

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Condensation, the tennant verses the landlord

If like me you have been dealing with dehumidifiers and relative humidity for over 20 years then news stories about damp and condensation issues will catch your eye (I realise that I will be in a minority here).  The winter always brings a run of them as the cold weather makes the problem worse.  I […]

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