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5 Reasons Why Summer Humidity Can Be Bad For You

5 reasons why summer humidity can be bad for you People are sensitive to humid air because the human body uses evaporative cooling as the primary mechanism to regulate temperature Humid weather makes it harder for our bodies to cool down which in worse cases can cause heat stroke or hyperthermia. The rate at which […]

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The differences between the DD8L and DD8L Zambezi

We get enquiries on a regular basis asking what the differences are between the current DD8L and the new DD8L Zambezi. Although they are both desiccant dehumidifiers the differences are considerable. The DD8L was designed about 8 years ago now so it should come as no surprise to learn that lessons learnt over the years […]

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Should you buy a desiccant or a compressor dehumidifier?

So many customers call us every day confused about whether they should buy a desiccant or a compressor dehumidifier.  It can be confusing with so many people giving out advice that is either biased towards what they want to sell, outdated advice or simply advice that is just plain wrong. We have been dealing with […]

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My Weekly Meaco 12L-AH Competition Winners

My Weekly Magazine ran a competition to win a Meaco 12L-AH dehumidifier in a recent issue and got over 3600 entries in just one week! So congratulations to Justine Cushion, Eliane Sherwood, Gena Owens and Nigel Stokes who have all won a new dehumidifier just in time for the lower winter temperatures to help prevent […]

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Meaco DD8L Zambezi dehumidifier awarded Which? Best Buy

Meaco DD8L Zambezi rated as outstanding, and a brilliant dehumidifier for its rapid water extraction, and energy efficiency. The best dehumidifiers dry rooms quickly without using much energy, are easy to use and are quiet. The Which? review team recently examined the Meaco Zambezi and earnt a Best Buy endorsement. Zambezi is the result of […]

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