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MeacoClean Gets Thumbs Up From This Office

We are trying to do with the new MeacoClean range of air purifiers exactly what we have done successfully for dehumidifiers with the Platinum Range, move the sector forward and make selecting the correct product easier for you. Part of this process is education and to educate you have to spread the word so we […]

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Buying an Air Purifier should not be a leap of faith!

Buying an air purifier can be a leap of faith as you desperately want relief from your allergy symptoms but finding the right air purifier can be problematical because all of the manufacturers and suppliers will claim that theirs is the best! Firstly work out what you are allergic to – if possible. Some people […]

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Tree pollen starting to cause allergy sufferers problems

As winter turns into Spring we get more and more enquiries from customers who are starting to suffer problems from allergies, especially tree pollen.  The Meaco Airvax is very popular with allergy suffers and has a long list of allergens that it can remove from the including; Dust Pollen Tobacco Smoke Mould spores Germs Bacteria […]

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AirVax helps beat asthma to get a good night’s sleep

Rather than just read my posts all of the time I thought that it was about time that someone else gave their thoughts.  Adele and Julia both joined us in 2014, Adele to help look after the accounts and Julia to help in Technical Sales.  They both really struggle with asthma which ruins their sleep.  So we gave them an Airvax […]

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Meaco Airvax Air Purifier 3D Video

The Meaco Airvax Air Purifier has been a huge success for us with units selling rapidly via word of mouth as satisfied customers pass on the message to friends and family that they have found something that actually works to help deal with their asthma or allergies. Living with an allergy can be very distressing […]

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