So many customers call us every day confused about whether they should buy a desiccant or a compressor dehumidifier.  It can be confusing with so many people giving out advice that is either biased towards what they want to sell, outdated advice or simply advice that is just plain wrong.

We have been dealing with dehumidifiers since 1991 and our sales of dehumidifiers are roughly split 50/50 between compressor and desiccant dehumidifiers so we are probably best placed to provide advice that makes sure that you get the correct dehumidifier for you.  Below is a short video that we have put together to help you decide.

There is a rule of thumb that states if you need a dehumidifier for a space below 15°C then the desiccant dehumidifiers would be best.  In general terms that is mostly correct but the new Meaco 20L and Meaco 25L low Energy Dehumidifiers are both fantastic right down to 10°C and will take water out cheaper than a desiccant can.  Other compressor dehumidifiers are not so good.

If you want a dehumidifier that is lighter then desiccant wins.  On low fan speed the desiccant machines will be quieter but on the second fan speed they make as much noise as a compressor machine does (but at least you have the choice of making them quieter).

Around 20°C the compressor dehumidifiers will always extract water more cheaply than desiccant and if they are 20 litres or above in size then you will get more water too.

Desiccant dehumidifiers cost more to run because they have a heater inside them that is part of the drying process, this means that they use more energy but for many customers that heat that comes with the increased wattage is a bonus and since they are using their dehumidifier in winter they are pleased to have a little bit of extra warmth alongside the water.

It is down to personal preference and there is no one size fits all answer, if you need more help deciding then please do give the office a call on 01483 234900.


Author: Chris Michael

Chris Michael has been in the humidity business since 1989 and founded Meaco in 1991. Much of his knowledge comes from the numerous years spent working with museums and art galleries across Europe controlling and measuring relative humidity to protect the works of art. He is a regular guest speaker on relative humidity at the British Library and is always happy to pass on his knowledge in a practical way to his customers. Outside of Meaco Chris is married with four children and is very active in the local community, especially through youth sport. Further thoughts can be found on Google+ and Twitter