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Meaco Airvax Air Purifier white


The Meaco Airvax is very popular with customers in a bedroom or a similar small room in your home or office.  Meaco staff have personal experience of how the Airvax removes pollen to help with hayfever and provide a good night's sleep.

  • Catches dust, smoke, bacteria, moulds, smells, VOCs and MRSA
  • Can catch smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter
  • Does not create or give off ozone
  • Two year parts and labour warranty
  • Option of extending warranty to five years

The Meaco Airvax White offers protection against fine dusts, exhaust gases from cars, VOCs, virus, MRSA, moulds, bacteria, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide and pet dander.  The Meaco Airvax has been tested extensively by independent test houses and has been scientifically proven to be not only effective against the above pollutants but more effective than numerous other more expensive air purifiers.  CADR testing does not apply and should not be used for this type of air purifier but the Airvax has been independently tested to verify it's ability to remove particles from the air (and hold onto them), VOCs, MRSA, bacteria and carbon monoxide.  The 15 minute CADR test will suggest that smaller air purifiers like the Airvax are poor performers because CADR is only a quick 15 minute test so you need a larger fan to get a higher score.  Airvax uses a small, quiet fan combined with convection and in longer independent tests it is shown to be able to capture particles that HEPA based air purifiers that shine in CADR tests, miss.  To see some of the independent test data click on the images above and scroll through.

If you are confused by testing, data or which air purifier to buy then please do call the office on 01483 234900.

  • Meaco Air Purifier
  • Covers 28 cubic metres based on 3 air cleans per hour
  • Perfect for bedrooms as so small and quiet
  • Cleans the air and has been independently proven to perform better than many other more expensive air purifiers
  • Traps smaller particles than a standard HEPA filter
  • Collects pollens, moulds, bacteria, MRSA, smells + allergens
  • Also captures VOCs
  • Does not release particles back into the room once captured.
  • Destroys bacteria and allergens in the filter
  • Does not create Ozone
  • Very quiet
  • Filter replacement interval of up to 3 years, potentially saving you a fortune in replacement filters.

The Meaco Airvax will define the next generation of air purifiers as it represents a large leap forward for air purifier customers. There is no doubting the fact that the Meaco Airvax Air Purifier creates a healthy living environment and has the potential to improve lives, but we are delighted that it also looks stunning and is a welcome addition to any home.

In independent tests the internationally patented Airvax Static Electricity Film Filter (SEFF) has proven its ability to remove from the air particles <0.25µ (in fact catching particles as small as 0.1µ is possible). As well as dust particles the SEFF can remove smells, moulds, virus, carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, car exhaust gases, allergens, formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, pollens, germs and bacteria. A list of irritants that is hard for any other air purifier to beat, especially at this price point.

The Airvax also saves you money because power consumption is just a maximum of 5 watts and the filter has an effective life cycle of up to three years. It comes with a two year parts and labour warranty, as well as the option to extend warranty to five years.

If you need a healthier living environment either at work or at home then the Airvax is the next generation air purifier for today's generation.

Meaco Airvax Air Purifier white Features

Stylish design
Cleans the air
Does not release particles back into the room
Very quiet
Does not Create Ozone
Collects pollens, moulds, bacteria, MRSA, smells & allergens


Technical Overview

Power Consumption Maximum 5 watts
Noise level 34/38/44dB
Air Flow (nominal) 30/48/84 cubic metres/hour
Filter Yes
Remote Control Yes
Operating Temperatures -10 to +70°C
Power Supply Input: 220 - 240V/50Hz Output: DC12V/1.0A
Gross Weight 2.5Kg
Dimensions (HWD) mm 177 x 177 x 292mm
Nett Weight 1.7Kg

Meaco Airvax Air Purifier white

Meaco Airvax Air Purifier white

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