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Meaco 20L Dehumidifier
Meaco 20L Dehumidifier
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Will reduce the reproduction of dust mites which many people are allergic to. Helps allergy suffers including asthma Suitable for homes up to a 3 bedroom house Will help to prevent condensation on your windows The 20L has a laundry mode to help you dry washing on a clothes horse. The 20L warms the air up by 2°C as it passes through the dehumidifier which will help to make your room feel warmer.

Will remove damp, condensation and mould issues in 3 to 5 bedroom homes. A solid, reliable dehumidifier that has been popular with customers for many years now.

Price: £166.66 (£199.99 Inc. VAT)

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Key Features

  • 20 litre large home dehumidifier
  • Anti-bacterial filter
  • Reduces or eliminates mould spores, condensation and other damp issues
  • Very, very quiet - only 46dB
  • High quality low energy design - 5.09p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh
  • Up to 80% reduction in energy consumption thanks to Meaco control logic
  • Strong, retractable carry handle
  • Hidden castors improve the look of the dehumidifier in your home
  • Popular in 3 to 5 bedroom homes
  • Can dry laundry
  • Stops dehumidifying when the tank is full
  • Dehumidifier specialists Meaco brand name
  • Simple to use controls
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Samples the air to calculate when dehumidification is required to improve drying accuracy and reduce energy consumption

Energy Saving Dehumidification to keep your Home Dry

The Meaco 20L medium home dehumidifier is a compressor dehumidifier able to keep dry homes up to 4 – 5 bedrooms in size. The Meaco 20L offers the very latest in dehumidifier design, ensuring that the dehumidification is done using as little energy as possible. This makes the Meaco 20L one of the most cost effective solutions for keeping a home dry. Not only does the 20L collect water far more cheaply than most other dehumidifiers, it is also much quieter. Considering that every 6 decibels represents a doubling of noise level, the Meaco 20L at just 46dBA is rated at a similar noise level to dehumidifiers that collect half as much water, making the Meaco 20L very easy to live with.

The Meaco exclusive control logic is available on the Meaco 20L, the Meaco 12L and Meaco 20L Low Energy Dehumidifiers, the Meaco DD8L and the Meaco DD8L Junior.  When the target relative humidity has been reached the drying circuit is turned off and the fan runs for 5 minutes to ensure that the relative humidity is stable.  If it is the dehumidifier will then go to sleep for 30 minutes and then wake for 5 minutes and test the relative humidity once more with it's fan.  This process is repeated every 30 minutes until there is a need for dehumidification once more.  This provides the perfect solution between accurate dehumidification of your home and the lowest possible energy consumption and noise levels.

As well as having superior engineering, the Meaco 20L also looks great with a low level ‘skirt’ to hide it’s castors and a strong retractable handle to make movement around the home easy. The 20L is more than just a dehumidifier - it has an anti-bacterial filter helping to clean the air and kill any bacteria that come into contact with the silver-nano coating. The special Meaco control panel allows the user to select an exact relative humidity to ensure precise control of the drying. This not only contributes towards the 20Ls energy efficiency but also makes the 20L a viable solution for protecting artefacts, whether in the home or in a museum.  All in all, the Meaco 20L is an excellent solution to maintaining an energy efficient, dry and healthy home.

Below you will see a graph showing you how the Meaco 20L performs in different conditions, like all compressor dehumidifiers from all manufacturers it's performance fades as room temperatures and relative humidities fall.

Meaco 20L extraction rate in different conditions  

Extraction rate 20 litres per day at 30°C and 80%rh
Humidistat Yes, electronic
Continuous drainage option Yes
Timer Up to 8 hours
Electronic controls Yes
Auto restart No
Ioniser No
Air Filter Yes - anti-bacterial silver nano filter
Noise level 46dBA
Power Supply Normal British 230V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 30/335/355 watts 
Approximate electricity costs 5.09p/hour based on 15.2p/kWh
Fan Speeds Two
Operating Temperatures 5....35°C
Refrigerant R134a/145g
Tank 3.5 litres
Dimensions (HWD) mm 560 x 352 x 264mm
Weight 11.8Kgs

28 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.5 / 5 (Show All)

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Fantastic job

kazza - 16/11/2014

I Purchased this 20l Dehumidifer 3 days ago and it has been working constantly I cannot describe how fantastic this product is,I have a 3 bed bungalow that has an issue with damp, smell and mouldy areas of ceiling in few of the rooms, inside fitted wardro...

works well bad design

mj browning - 27/01/2014

works great took a few weeks on constant to reduce the moisture in our property,but it does a good job and we leave it on all the time as recommended and it only comes on a few times daily now . however your designer needs to have a few words with himsel...

Superb aftercare

Clarke - 16/12/2013

Not only do Meaco do the quietest and most effective dehumidifies on the market (I've had several others and none compare to the 10L or 20L meaco) but the after sales service is always second to none. They try their best to help and keep you up to date a...

Excellent Dehumidifier

Sarah - 22/10/2013

Just purchased Meaco 20l as alraedy had
a Meaco 10l which controls condensation upstairs but too small fo a 3 bed house.Meaco 20l has transformed the house overnight - not as noisy as 10l !! Very pleased :)

20 lts machine

paul - 25/08/2013

We have had this machine for 2 years now and it really does suck some water, not as quite as they say and has to be on a very flat surface or can become noisy when the fan is running, But does what it say's. worth taking out the 4 year insurance as had to...

Does what it says on the box

Olegs - 09/06/2013

Excellent product - does exactly what it is supposed to do. Now my flat is nice and dry.

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