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Guide to portable heating

This guide deals with electric heating solutions including oil filled radiators, convector heaters, halogen heaters and fan heaters. No-one likes to be cold, but with energy bills so high at the moment no-one likes to be spending money unwisely and selecting the correct heater is one way of keeping the bills down.

Common features

Thermostat - allows you to set the temperature output of the heater so that you get the right level of warmth and use as little electricity as possible.

Safety cut out - all of the heaters and radiators have this these days, if the heater over-heats for whatever reason the power is cut so avoid any damage.

Tilt cut off - normally standard on all heaters and especially important on halogen and fan heaters which turns them off if they are knocked over, this prevents the carpet from being burnt.

Heat settings - this controls the output so for example on a 1.5kW heater there might be 3 settings. Setting one will give a 500w output, setting two 1kW and setting three 1.5kW. This allows you to have better control over the temperature in the room and the cost of running the heater.

Types of heaters

Radiant heaters - provide heat directly to the room and tend to warm people and objects in the room faster than the air itself. They are therefore most appropriate for rooms that are poorly insulated, drafty or rooms with high ceilings.

Oil filled radiators - a popular solution because once the oil has been warmed up the electricity consumption stops and the oil retains the heat for a long time. There is no fan and therefore they are virtually silent and create no dust, they have the same radiant heat benefits of the halogen heater below. A popular solution for the majority of applications.

Delonghi Dragon 3 TRD0820T 2kW Oil Filled Radiator

The Delonghi Dragon radiators come with a 10 year warranty

Halogen Heaters - Provide a warm glow which makes one warm just by looking at it! The heat is a radiant heat similar to the sun which warms up the body faster than other forms of heat, this makes them especially useful in a cold conservatory or workshop. The warm glow should stop children from touching it and a safety cut out turns the units off when and if they are knocked off. The light weight make them popular with the elderly.

Convection heaters - the air is past over an element warm up and then circulated back into the room, either with or without a fan.

Fan heaters - provide instant heat and warmth, especially if you are in the direct line of the fan. Small in size so can be placed under tables to warm someone's toes up! Very light to move around and take up next to no space to store when not required.

Convector radiators - Not portable in that they are not a natural shape to push around but they are so light they are easy to move from room to room. Our Elnur models can all be wall mounted. A convection panel heater will also provide radiant heat from it's front panel. Some models have a fan to boost the warm-up time.