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Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers and Air Purifiers from Meaco

Meaco (U.K.) Limited was founded in 1991 by Chris and Michelle Michael and is still in private ownership despite having grown into being one of the most important, award winning, dehumidifier brands in Europe.

We pride ourselves on trying to make sourcing a dehumidifier or humidifier as simple as possible whilst making sure that we provide the right information so that our customers buy the correct machine to solve their particular problem. For example the correct dehumidifier for keeping a boat or a classic car dry over winter might not be suitable for use in a three bedroom house. Our step by step guide here should make the process of selection very simple for you. If you are confused at any time you can always call us on 01483 234900.

Damp, Mould and condensation

Customers usually come to us not looking for a dehumidifier but looking for a solution to the problem of damp, mould or condensation. By specifying the right model from our range of dehumidifiers we are either able to eliminate the damp completely or certainly greatly reduce the condensation and stop the mould from growing.

As well as supplying our own brand dehumidifiers we are very proud that we have been Mitsubishi Electric’s exclusive U.K. distributor for over ten years now. Meaco are responsible for all sales and servicing of Mitsubishi Electric dehumidifiers in the UK.

Meaco dehumidifiers can be bought with warranties to cover them for up to five years, but we allow each customer to decide how long a warranty they want, something that we feel is very important in these tough economic times.

96% of Meaco customers would recommend a Meaco dehumidifier to a friend and 91% of Meaco customers say that their quality of life is enhanced by having a Meaco dehumidifier. Call us on 01483 234900 to find out how a dehumidifier could help you.

We always look to put our dehumidifiers forward for independent testing. Practical Boat Owner said The clear winner is the Meaco desiccant dehumidifier, whose performance was very impressive and would be unaffected by cold conditions. It is also lightweight and the most compact.”

Motor Boat Monthly Magazine November 2011 said "....a perfect on board dehumidifier. The DD8L would be preferable on a boat that suffers from damp due to its higher performance."

A Guide to Dehumidifier Basics

There are two types of domestic dehumidifier in common use – compressor dehumidifiers and desiccant dehumidifiers (also known as absorption dehumidifiers).

Compressor dehumidifiers

Compressor dehumidifiers have been in use in homes to combat condensation and mould for several decades. They work by drawing air from the room across a filter and into contact with a cold metal surface made up of hundreds of fins. As the surface is cold the excess moisture present in the air will condense and water droplets will be seen on the metal fins. These droplets will slide down the metal plates and collect in a tray at the bottom, this tray will act like a gutter and the water will fall down a hole at one end and into the dehumidifier’s internal water collector. Once this water tank is full the dehumidifier will turn off and bleep to alert the customer to the fact that it needs to be emptied.

A compressor dehumidifier will have within it two sets of coils. One set cools the surface temperature of the first set of fins that the room air comes into contact with to create the condensation and then a second set that the air then meets which warms the air back up to slightly warmer than room temperature. This ensures that the room air will be warmer and dryer and therefore the relative humidity in the room will drop.

All of this warming and cooling of the coils is controlled by a compressor that warms and cools refrigerant that cycles through the pipes.

Typical applications include domestic use and use in offices and museums.  Excellent example are the Meaco 10L and the Meaco 20L dehumidifiers.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant has been used to dry the air by industrial companies for a long, long time but has only been available in domestic dehumidifiers since around 2005. Most people will be familiar with desiccant in it’s silica gel form, the material in desiccant dehumidifiers is similar but uses a specially designed form called Zeolite which ensures that the dehumidifier does not over dry the room air..

The room air is drawn over a filter and into the zeolite desiccant which is housed in a wheel that rotates slowly. The desiccant absorbs the excess moisture from the air. At the bottom of the wheel’s rotation are a small heater and a second fan. This regeneration fan uses the warmth from the heater to dry the wheel making it ready to absorb moisture again. The now warm, damp air hits a metal plate which causes condensation to form and the water then drips down into a collecting tray and from there drains into an internal container which turns the dehumidifier off when it is full.

Whereas a compressor dehumidifier warms the room air by 1-2°C, the air exiting a desiccant dehumidifier will be about 10-12°C warmer than the air it draws in. This makes desiccant dehumidifiers like the Meaco DD8L very useful for warming up spaces like cold hallways.  The Meaco DD8L Junior was voted Best Buy in an independent test in 2013 which is another example of the quality of our dehumidifiers.

Typical uses include flats and apartment where the low noise level and the ability to dry washing is popular and low temperature applications over winter, for example keeping a boat, caravan, bike, car or holiday home dry whilst not in use.

Industrial dehumidifiers

Once a dehumidifier is extracting around 30 litres a day upwards it gets classified as an industrial dehumidifier or a commercial dehumidifier. These types of dehumidifiers are all compressor based and are used to dry larger houses, dry rooms after a flood, dry plaster or concrete and to keep storage areas dry. The larger, metal bodied models are often called building dryers, but to all intents and purposes they are large dehumidifiers. These models are particularly popular on building sites and in factories because they can withstand much rougher treatment.

Dehumidifier hire

We offer a hire service for the dehumidifiers if you have been unlucky enough to experience a fire or a flood and need the use of a large dehumidifier for a short period of time then you will find in our Dehumidifier Hire the ability to select either a 20, 30 or 40 litre dehumidifier which can be rented by the week.  We deliver the dehumidifier to you the next working morning, anywhere on mainland U.K. (some areas in the very north of Scotland might be on a two day delivery service).  You can keep the dehumidifier from one week up to as long as you need it and we will just charges you for the number of weeks that you keep it for.  When you want to return the dehumidifier then just call us and we will come and collect the dehumidifier from you. 

Swimming Pool Dehumidifiers

Indoor swimming pools create a huge amount of moisture and this can very quickly damage the internal decoration of a room and cause mould and condensation issues. Swimming pool dehumidifiers are always compressor based as the higher temperatures and relative humidities involved improve the efficiency of the dehumidifiers and create perfect conditions for energy efficient collection of moisture. To comply with EU regulations which insist on electrical appliances being a safe distance from the water, swimming pool dehumidifiers are usually either wall mounted in the swimming pool hall or mounted in an adjoining plant room with the air ducted in and out via grills in the wall.

Specifying the correct size dehumidifier for the size of the pool can be complicated and we recommend that you call us first on 01483 234900 before you buy so that we can check the dehumidification capacity with you before you part with any money.

Air Purifiers

A side effect of western life is that an increasingly large percentage of the population suffer from allergic reactions which for many people results in respiratory problems such as asthma, or skin disorders like eczema. Substances that commonly cause these reactions include pollens, pet dander, moulds, allergens, bacteria, dusts, tobacco smoke, exhaust fumes, and VOCs like formaldehyde, toluene and benzene.

An air purifier or air cleaner will draw the room air into it and in the case of the Meaco Airvax capture the irritants in it’s filter and blow clean air back into the room or in the case of the Airfree models incinerate the allergens internally.

Both methods result in a much cleaner room atmosphere and reduced levels of allergic reaction which improves ones quality of life.

The most sensible location to have an air purifier is in the bedroom because this is where we spend most of our time whilst at home and therefore an important feature for an air purifier is to be quiet enough so you can sleep but powerful enough to keep the air clean. Both the Meaco AirVax and the Airfree meet this requirement.

Warranty and after sales service

All Meaco dehumidifiers and air purifiers are available with a warranty to cover them for parts and labour for up to five years after purchase. Should you have a problem then please call us on 01483 234900 and we will be happy to help. If we are unable to fix the fault over the phone then we will collect the unit from you using our courier and either replace or repair as appropriate. This service normally takes no more than a week. We have been trading for over twenty years now and you can rest assured that Meaco is a dehumidifier manufacturer that will be around for many more years to come.

International Sales

Meaco dehumidifiers can be found across Europe and into Africa.  If you live outside of the U.K. you can find your local reseller via our international page.

Please do talk to us

Choosing the right dehumidifier, building dryer, swimming pool dehumidifier, air purifier or heater can be confusing, but whatever your requirement you can call us for free on telephone number 0500 418458 or 01483 234900 if you prefer a landline number to use on your mobile minutes, Monday to Friday, to talk to one of our experts.

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