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How to prepare for Winter damp Total Kit Car

It’s fast approaching winter, are you prepared for the damp that will ensue?

With winter comes the usual pitfalls of condensation, resulting in difficulties with damp, moisture build-up and mould.

Damp in the home can cause a variety of problems such as difficulty in drying clothes, a musty atmosphere and structural damage to your beloved home or property. Peeling or bubbles in wallpaper is unwanted, as is the hassle of drying clothes in an already damp environment.

Worse still are the other effects of damp, which lead to difficulties breathing, allergies deteriorating and other health issues.

There are a multitude of actions you can take to reduce the amount of damp in your home and remedy these negative effects.

Here are some simple steps you can instigate today to help:

  1. Ensure your property or home is properly ventilated, especially in rooms where your washing machine and tumble dryer are placed.
  2. It is often difficult to always commit in winter, but, if you do have dry weather, try and air dry your clothes outside rather than inside. In summer this is very easy to do and so there’s no excuse!
  3. When cooking it’s essential to utilise the extractor fan to reduce moisture build up in the air. A lot of moisture is created when boiling pans and the steam created can linger. Remember to keep it on for a little while even after cooking as this will help in reducing the residual moisture.
  4. It’s worth purchasing a similar extractor fan device for the bathroom, as condensation and moisture builds up after having baths and showers.
  5. Ensure your wardrobe or cupboards are not over stuffed with clothes or miscellaneous items. As with anything, if products or clothes are crammed together air can’t circulate around, increasing the likelihood of damp and a musty smell occurring.
  6. Another great tip is investing in a Meaco DD8L Zambezi Dehumidifer  There are many different models available, so it is worth exploring all versions to determine the best size and specification for you and your home.

It is essential to ensure you take the necessary measures to reduce the effects of moisture and damp in your home, especially with Winter on its way.

It’s fantastic to see our ‘How to prepare for Winter’ article in the latest Total Kit Car magazine, which you can read here.

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The DD8L Zambezi is an unique desiccant dehumidifier with six world firsts.


Meaco dehumidifier featured in Caravan and Park Operator

Summer is ending, and with winter fast approaching, it is worth ensuring your caravan, home or property is free from damp in the winter months. Utilizing products like a Meaco dehumidifier can

Meaco featured in Caravan and Park Operator mag

Meaco tips article

take the stress out of preventing mould and damp. The process of installing and maintaining a dehumidifier has never been easier.


Contrary to popular belief, just heating up the house doesn’t help reduce the moisture in the air and reduce damp, it just raises the room temperature.


Our helpful tips and advice article by Meaco’s very own Chris Michael explains in-depth why just increasing the room temperature won’t combat mould and damp. He also offers the correct way to reduce the moisture in the air and the science behind why using a dehumidifier works so well.


You can read the full tips and advice on how to keep your caravan free of damp in the winter in the latest Caravan and Park Operator magazine.


IFA Berlin Round-up

The Meaco team had a fantastic time promoting the latest products at the IFA Consumer Electronics show in Berlin, arguably the world’s biggest and most important event to showcase the latest technology and innovation.

Meaco’s stand at the IFA 2017 featured our 3 Which? award winning dehumidifiers, including the Zambezi, and our ultra-quiet wall mounted dehumidifiers. It was hard to miss – not many stands featured a giant image of an African elephant!

In case you didn’t know, Meaco have teamed up with the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to help protect orphaned elephants in Zambia. A donation from the sale of each Zambezi product goes to help the work of the foundation and you can read more here. So far, we have already raised £21, 000 for the foundation.

Also, the MeacoClean air purifier was on display in the smoke chamber to demonstrate its multi-stage air purification, which proved popular with our stand visitors.

We had the chance to meet and catch up with buyers from Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Spain as well as our resellers from Norway and the Faroe Islands (pictured below).

A busy and tiring few days, but having beat last year’s enquiry level we couldn’t be happier!


buyers from Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Spain as well as our resellers from Norway and the Faroe Islands

buyers from Germany, Italy, Poland, France and Spain as well as our resellers from Norway and the Faroe Islands

3 Meaco dehumidifiers at the IFA Berlin show

All 3 Meaco dehumidifiers at the IFA Berlin show

Meaco Stand at the IFA Berlin tech show

Our Meaco Stand at the IFA Berlin tech show












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Drying clothes in winter the cost effective way

One of the major causes of condensation and mould in the home is drying clothes on radiators or a clothes horse in the winter. As the clothes dry the moisture is released into the air and the air becomes damp, the room air feels colder, condensation forms on windows and mould grows faster.

All dehumidifiers claim that they help to dry laundry but some do it better than others! Your granny will tell you that the best way to dry washing on the line in summer is on a warm, dry and windy day.web_res_nov15_013

It is therefore not a huge surprise to learn that the best way to dry washing indoors is by recreating those summer conditions. Dehumidifiers create the dry air and the fan creates the wind but that wind has to hit the washing for the clothes to dry effectively and quickly. This is where the rotating louvre comes in, driving the dry air across the clothes, up and down, over and over again – you can even direct the air left or right if you have heavier clothes that need extra drying time.

Customers who use a dehumidifier to dry their clothes put the clothes and the clothes horse into a small room with the dehumidifier next to them. Using a small room enables the dehumidifier to dry the air faster and achieve the low relative humidity that you need to dry the clothes.

In response to several years of feedback from customers, Meaco (U.K.) Limited, the UK’s leading dehumidifier specialists, recently launched the Meaco DD8L Zambezi  dehumidifier, designed and developed to address the many problems home owners were encountering. Zambezi has been awarded a Which? Best Buy offering more functionality, more control and more options than any other domestic dehumidifier on the market.  It has an attention to detail never seen before and offers more options than any other dehumidifier, including six world firsts.

Other dehumidifiers will just run and run regardless of the room conditions, Zambezi will sense that the air is dry enough for the clothes to dry and will reduce its energy consumption so that as little power as possible is being used. If possible it will switch into fan only mode and will only turn its dehumidification cycle back on if the relative humidity starts to rise again. So Zambezi could dry your washing in the same time or faster than other desiccant dehumidifiers and yet use around 600 watts less.

The combination of the energy saving intelligent Laundry + control, the high airflow and the rotating louvre makes Zambezi a viable alternative to a tumble dryer and the preferred choice to dry your washing with a dehumidifier.

With the sale of every Zambezi £2.00 goes to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to assist their Elephant conservation work in Africa. “Our hope is that it will raise awareness not only of the benefits of dehumidifiers as a way of improving our customer’s quality of life but also the life of Africa’s orphaned elephants,” explained Chris Michael, Director of Meaco.


Leave the dehumidifier on or turn it off in Summer?

The weather has definitely started to warm up and officially we are well into summer but I have certainly not had to apply any sun tan lotion yet this year so far.  It is this time of year when we all start to open our windows that customers phone us up and start to ask if they should turn their dehumidifier off or leave them on.

It is certainly true that if you have your windows open then you will be trying to dehumidify the whole country as you have a constant supply of fresh air coming in.  What I tend to do with my dehumidifier that sits outside of the shower room door, is to leave it on using our recommended humidistat setting.  That way I know that if the relative humidity

Should you use your dehumidifier in summer?

Dehumidifiers are mainly used in the winter in Britain but there are many reasons why you would want to use them in the Summer.

is ok then the dehumidifier will remain switched off and no electricity will be consumed.

In summer when I am in the bathroom I open the window to let the moist air out but if outside looks damp (as it often does) I close the window straight away and make sure that the shower room door is left open so that the damp air migrates out of the bathroom and towards the dehumidifier.  If outside looks dry then I leave the window open and the shower room door closed so that the bathroom is dried naturally and the dehumidifier does not sense the moisture and remains turned off.

On Sunday I was outside kicking a rugby ball around with the boys and it was not long before you noticed have humid and clammy the weather was.  It is on warm, humid days like this that mould will grown fastest and a dehumidifier is very useful for stopping that mould growth and for making us feel more comfortable, especially in bed at night.

Leaving the window open on warm, humid days is great to allow a breeze through the room but one should be aware that mould is likely to grow particularly fast – this will reach a peak in July and August.

With the air being more moist in summer and the relative humidity being naturally higher

House Dust Mites love to reproduce in the summer

There will be millions of these in your bed and in summer they can reproduce faster. A dehumidifier will slow this down.

then mould spores and dust mites will be on the increase.  If you are allergic to these then you will want to use your dehumidifier more often in the summer.

In central Europe and America the peak season for dehumidifier sales is actually in the summer.  The driving force behind the bulk of these sales is basements.  In summer a basement will be cooler than the outside air and if a window is left open that warm, humid air comes in and comes into contact with the cooler surfaces inside the basement.  Wherever you have organic material (i.e. wood or paper) mould growth is very likely.  This is why where you have a basement you should have a dehumidifier.

So the answer to the question should I turn my dehumidifier off in the summer, the answer is – it depends!